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Read the latest WNW ALERTS on that page, or read about the latest Crime Prevention advice on the Action Fraud and Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network websites.

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WNW currently meets on the second Tuesday of each month, at 8.00 pm in the Olde Inne.

Do you know who your local contact is? See below.

Westerleigh Village's Neighbourhood Watch is a local organisation working for all the village and with the local Police force to help prevent crime. We and the Police particularly want to encourage Postcode marking of valuable property. This allows Police to return recovered stolen property and also aids in convicting the criminals.

The 'Watch' also is involved in many local activities to fund other projects that enhance the village. These have included provision of an annual Christmas tree and lights, planting of spring daffodils to brighten the local spring scenery. Money has been raised with a variety of community social events including Quiz nights, Murder Mystery events, 'American Suppers', barbecues and treasure hunts.

If you are interested in Police matters, visit the local Police website (, enter your postcode, and read more news about the area, and reports from the local beat manager.

Your Officers for 2017 / 8:-  Brian Cottrell (Chairman) and Robert Cole (Treasurer) were re-elected. We need a secretary: are you interested? If so, please contact Rob Cole (01454 311859).

Local contacts

Your contact will:
1. Be aware of residents moving house
2. Distribute the Welcome Pack to new residents
3. Be the first contact for residents' queries about NW, and security
4. Hold copies of crime prevention leaflets and a ultra-violet property marking pen for residents' use
5. Pass on urgent crime warnings to residents
6. Distribute newsletters

Current contacts are:

Broad Lane: Sue Harrison (Cornerways Nursery)
Westerleigh Road West: Alison Howard (01454 312195)
Old Mill Close : Bob Taylor (01454 312897)
Mill Crescent: Kit Derrick (01454 319583)
Newman's Close (1 - 22): vacant
Newman's Close (23 - 57): vacant
Mill House Farm to Old Stores, & Ivy Terrace: Jenny Forrester-Wood (01454 312437)
Kilminster House to shop, Olde Inn & The Barton: Sandra Godwin (01454 321496)
Quadrangle: vacant
Shorthill Road: Howard Rayner (Hobbiton)
Yate Road, to Brook Farm and Burma House: Richard Warwick (01454 311145)
Dodmoor Crossing & Rodford: Rob Cole (01454 311859)
Kidney Hill, Sunnybank & Oakley Green: Joanna Wallis (0117 957 4119)

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